Banksia Park is the premier summer holiday getaway for families and couples

Banksia Park sits beautifully in the middle of the spectacular South Coast, taking full advantage of both the bush and the beach lifestyles, just two hours from Sydney and Canberra - where wildlife abounds! Our natural landscape has recovered spectacularly from the devastating bushfires of 2019/20, and with that regeneration has come opportunities to enhance the experience we have always offered.

The real experience of what the Australian bush has to offer is at your doorstep!

You will be greeted by Pumba & Peppa the pigs, Buster & Leslie our carrot loving Donkeys, and Coco & Splint our friendly sheep will herald you into the property! Our pets love your scraps and attention, and the chooks will reward you with farm fresh eggs. Our ducks are usually found on the dam diving for any fish they can find.

We are focussed on our carbon footprint, and so have implemented these measures to ensure your stay is carbon neutral!

We have 20kw solar panels that are using battery storage to optimi our solar generation. This energy is used first at Banksia Park, and then the excess is fed back onto the grid.

We provide a EV charging station.

We have changed to energy efficient light globes.

Our cottages use instantaneous hot water, so that we only heat water as needed. They are fully insulated and have been constructed with verandahs to provide shade in summer and allow the sunshine in for winter.

We recycle extensively and encourage our guests to separate their rubbish and use the recycle bins.

Our Billabong pool and spa is solar heated.

We burn only wood from fallen or dead trees on our property.